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Legal Line exists solely to help people make informed decisions. By knowing the law, you have the tools to help you work-through life's real issues. Canadian lawyers and judges agree with us. With their help, and the support of 6,300 government and professional offices, our Website and 24-hour Telephone Information Line give you the legal answers you need.

All of the 1,000 answers in our 700 page Legal Line book, a Canadian Bestseller           (now in its 5th printing), are available for free on this website.

                      Legal Line has provided answers to over 23 million enquiries. 

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    Legal Line is kept current by over 400 lawyers, judges and other professionals.

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    First, read our answers. If you require further help, or need to hire a lawyer or other professional, link to one of our reviewing experts, available in each area of law.

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    Millions of Canadians have already benefitted from the information contained on this website, from our books and through the Legalline 24 hour telephone information line.

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